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    P.O.Box Dubai 55437, Dubai
    Mai Tower, Al Nahda 1
    13th Floor
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Phone: +971 4 237 2222
    Fax: +971 4 237 2233
    Traditional Arabic Hospitality

    At Paris Gallery amongst our many virtues our Arabic Hospitality is among the most highly admired.

    Our guests at Paris Gallery are treated to our hallmark traditional Arabic Hospitality where they can enjoy refreshments and request personal shopping assistance. We strive to make our customers feel at home when visiting our stores. We want them to feel welcome and warm for just being at Paris Gallery and it has been experienced by generations of customers.

    We instill the global essence of hospitality with a significant Arabic touch to create a must have experience.

    And here are a few quotes from Paris Gallery customers:

    "When shopping at Paris Gallery, you feel like royalty."
    "Cosmetics are available everywhere, but you feel special when you buy them at Paris Gallery."
    "My mother brought me here and I shall be bringing my daughter here when the time comes."
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